Redmine Database Migration

Often times it happens that we need to migrate from one Redmine installation to another Redmine. Specially when upgrading to latest version. But we want to keep our database intact and want to migrate all the data to new setup. There are lot of guides on internet about redmine database migration, this blog post talks […]

Agile Scrum With Product Backlog Active Redmine Plugin

There are lot of plugins available in github and for executing your project using Agile Scrum methodology. Most of the plugins are not supported for redmine version 4.1.x or above. The supported plugins for latest redmine version are paid. There is scrum plugin with available which you can download and test it. It has […]

Develop Hello World! Plugin With Redmine

In this article , we are going to develop Hello World ! plugin with Redmine. For this tutorial , we have used Ubuntu 20.04 LTS as a base and Redmine 4.1.1 also Ruby version is 2.7 . Note : Before getting started we assume that you have a working Redmine installation. Step 1: Develop Hello […]

Develop Your Own Redmine Plugin

So you want to develop your own redmine plugin then your search ends here. Internet does have all the information but few steps and methods are for old version of redmine and those steps may not work with redmine 4.0 or later version. This will be our opening post and more posts to be followed […]