We are startup company and over period of year we have learnt how to be productive while using tools, like redmine, svn, reviewboard. We are here to share our experiences which will enable you to be action oriented. Redmine is a flexible project management web application.

Our Goal

Our goal is to improve project management for startup companies, by enabling them with knowledge of tools and techniques used in project management.

Our Background

We are startup company based out of Pune, India. When we started, we were struggling with keeping track of daily activities and meeting deadlines. While there are tons of online resources and tools but everything has its advantages and disadvantages. After one year of struggle and successful use of tools like, redmine, reviewboard, svn we are more focused and productive.

We thought of sharing our knowledge with the community of startup around us and we have started ‘RedmineLab’

Our Team

Our co-founder is PMP certified with over decade of software project management experience, and as team we believes in process. Everything what we do in line is a ‘Project’ and every project needs planning, execution, monitoring and closing. Without tools this process can be time-consuming and can become a day task. At end of the day if anything goes wrong we can not blame our team or a person, it should be pointed to improving organization process. Without right tools in place one cant not measure process.