There are lot of plugins available in github and for executing your project using Agile Scrum methodology. Most of the plugins are not supported for redmine version 4.1.x or above. The supported plugins for latest redmine version are paid. There is scrum plugin with available which you can download and test it. It has all the advanced features for sprint and product backlog. While it does not have features like drag and drop sprint tasks from one state to other state. These features are available in paid version of redmineup agile plugin. Also this drag and drop of tasks is available in teamwork.

Lets start with installation of scrum plugin, which has sprint view and product backlog view.

Run this command in redmine plugins directory to download the plugin.

$ wget
--2021-05-27 06:42:45--
Resolving (…
Connecting to (||:443… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
Length: 444521 (434K) [application/x-gzip]
Saving to: ‘scrum-v0.20.0.tar.gz’
scrum-v0.20.0.tar.gz 100%[======================================================================>] 434.10K 684KB/s in 0.6s
2021-05-27 06:42:46 (684 KB/s) - ‘scrum-v0.20.0.tar.gz’ saved [444521/444521]

After downloading plugin , extract the plugin archive and run following command for migration.

$ bundle exec rake redmine:plugins:migrate  RAILS_ENV=production

Restart redmine and goto Admin->Plugins. Now you can see Scrum Redmine plugin -This plugin for Redmine allows to follow Scrum methodology with Redmine projects.

If you are using redmine on windows 10 with WSL2, then you will see that scrum plugin is enabled but, tables were not migrated and when you try to create new sprint you will see following error in production.log.

ActionView::Template::Error (Mysql2::Error: Table 'redmine.sprints' doesn't exist: SHOW FULL FIELDS FROM `sprints`):    4:   <%= render_scrum_help('sprints') %>    5: </div>    6:     7: <%- if @project.sprints.empty? -%>    8:   <p class="nodata"><%= l(:label_no_data) %></p>    9: <%- else -%>   10:   <table class="list">

Solution to this issue is run following command for plugin migration. To solve such type of errors and get more insight into, what is happening, we recommend to setup development and test server before migrating any new plugin to production setup.

$bundle exec rake redmine:plugins:migrate NAME=scrum RAILS_ENV=production

Then go to projects -> settings -> and check “scrum” module. This will enable scrum module for that particular project.

Enable Scrum plugin for the project.

For the first time you will have to create “sprint 1” and “product backlog” Or you will be getting Error code 500.

Create Product Backlog

Now , your Scrum plugin is completely setup !