Linux Text and Code Editors You Must Know About in 2022 !

As a developer , working with some kind of text editor is part of our day to day workflow . No matter what technology or language you work with a fast , simple and feature rich text editor is always a plus to speed up the workflow . Here are my recommendations for light , […]

Which Linux Distribution To Choose ? A Beginners Guide .

As a Beginner , choosing a linux Distro to start with becomes a very much confusing task. In linux world we get so many choices that we often avoid getting into choices and sticking to a standard recommendation . Which in many cases is not a very good experience for many new comers . What […]

Run Mac OS on any Linux Machine ! Step by Step Guide .

In Developer world , we often need to switch between multiple OS . It doesn’t matter what may be the reason for switching , we need access to all major platforms like Linux , Mac and Windows . But for an obvious reason , we cannot afford to have machines equipped with mac, windows and […]

Mongo DB Setup On Windows 11 and Getting started with Mongo DB

Mongo DB is one of the popular databases in the market right now . Versatile , fast , and easy to work with . If you want to get started with MEAN or MERN stack development , you will need a working mongo DB instance . Although we can use online solutions to learn the […]

Fedora 35 : Step By Step Installation on VMware Workstation Pro 16

Recently , Red Hat backed community Linux distribution Fedora has released its latest stable release Fedora 35 . Lot of new changes and improvements were made after Fedora 34. Lets install fedora 35 using one of the popular hypervisors in market . i.e. VMware workstation pro 16 . Follow steps below to get a working […]

MVC architecture in Ruby On Rails Quick Guide

When we are beginner to Ruby on rails , or just getting started , we come across the term MVC . MVC stands for Model , View and Controller . But there are other components involved also . Following image shows how all the components of MVC relate to each other . Now lets have […]

Redmine Database Migration

Often times it happens that we need to migrate from one Redmine installation to another Redmine. Specially when upgrading to latest version. But we want to keep our database intact and want to migrate all the data to new setup. There are lot of guides on internet about redmine database migration, this blog post talks […]

Agile Scrum With Product Backlog Active Redmine Plugin

There are lot of plugins available in github and for executing your project using Agile Scrum methodology. Most of the plugins are not supported for redmine version 4.1.x or above. The supported plugins for latest redmine version are paid. There is scrum plugin with available which you can download and test it. It has […]