Ever wanted a terminal emulator application that can do all tasks and never have to switch between different terminal applications ? Then , Your wait is over .

I know how annoying it is to switch between different SSH clients , and terminal emulators to get things done . Specially if you are a beginner , you want something that can be used as a ssh client , a full time terminal emulator and also should be available on all major platforms .

“Tabby ” is a perfect tool for all of those who need not just terminal but , also a SSH client , a serial client and so on.

Lets install Tabby on your favorite OS and checkout its amazing features .

Get Tabby .



As a Linux and Open Source app enthusiast and a productivity nerd , I am in constant search of applications and tools that can increase my speed and efficiency by Either making things faster or convenient or BOTH .

Tabby is one of those applications that I liked in first use .

Generally , we install Terminal Application on windows . Its already installed in case of MAC and Linux . And then we install some separate SSH client like putty or remmina or gnome boxes etc . On top of that if we need some FTP client we have to install winscp on windows . Also , if you are a WSL , POWERSHELL and git bash user , it becomes hell lot cluttered to manage things in an efficient way . And Comes cherry on cake , the docker . Now things get even worse .

Don’t worry , if you are facing same issue , Tabby is at rescue .

Tabby Welcome screen


Tabby is not just a modern terminal application , its a toolbox that help you to be much more productive with day to day tasks like managing SSH credentials , managing all shells , docker and wsl instances from a single application .

Following is a list of features that Tabby provides .

Modern Terminal

Managing All Shells from Tabby

Tabby has , modern , elegant , intuitive and user friendly interface that makes navigating easier .

Profiles and Connections

This feature allows user to manage multiple connections from tabby

Elegant Color schemes with Acrylic Effect

Tabby Color Schemes

I spend lot of time steering at terminal . So I always prefer a good looking and modern terminal and that is what tabby delivers . It has huge collection of prebuilt themes and option to create custom themes too.


Available Plugins list

Tabby Comes preinstalled with many plugins and has option to get more from its repository of available plugins .

Although , the amount of plugins is limited , its growing with time and repository already contains all the essential ones already.

In Built Vault

Having an encrypted vault backed into the terminal is a blessing . This reduces efforts of storing credentials in separate application , getting them to SSH client and all .


This is by far the most important but under valued feature of any open source application . Market if flooded with cheap SSH clients , weird terminal emulators and those which make things easy , are wither paid , cloud based or contains ads . But Tabby is FOSS application , contains no ads or promotions . That makes it so cool.

Cross Platform

Although Tabby is meant to replace windows terminal , its available on all major platforms , ubuntu , fedora & mac .

Pros AND Cons

No matter how cool any tool may sound , everything has its pros and cons .And Tabby is no exception .


Tabby has many pros listed below .

  1. Cross Platform
  2. built in SSH client
  3. Plugins
  4. Themes
  5. Modern UI
  6. Secure Vault


Lets discuss some of the cons of Tabby so that you can decide whether to ditch your existing terminal emulator and switch to Tabby .

  1. Built With Electron JS and web technologies
  2. High memory usage
  3. slow Loading at first launch
  4. Some customization options missing depending on Platform used
Tabby Windows vs Tabby Linux version
Tabby High memory Usage

As you can see ,as Tabby is built with Electron JS and Web technologies such as HTML CSS JS , it uses lot more RAM space than a native terminal . In this case , windows terminal uses around 50-60 MB of ram and Linux terminals using less than that.

So if you have less RAM in your machine , i would not suggest you to use it as a primary terminal but it you use SSH clients and terminal then its fine .

Now that you know the pros and cons of Tabby, you can check it out and decide whether to switch or not .

So that’s It for today guys , see you in the next one . If you have anything to say , comment section is always open .

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