Searching in Rails app with Ransack

Beginners guide In previous articles we have covered beginner guides for debugging ruby on rails application, in this post we shall cover searching and sorting in the rails app with ransack library. After reading this article you would realise that adding Ransack gem to your MVC- model and view controller application and you’re all set […]

Which Linux Distribution To Choose ? A Beginners Guide .

As a Beginner , choosing a linux Distro to start with becomes a very much confusing task. In linux world we get so many choices that we often avoid getting into choices and sticking to a standard recommendation . Which in many cases is not a very good experience for many new comers . What […]

Fedora 35 : Step By Step Installation on VMware Workstation Pro 16

Recently , Red Hat backed community Linux distribution Fedora has released its latest stable release Fedora 35 . Lot of new changes and improvements were made after Fedora 34. Lets install fedora 35 using one of the popular hypervisors in market . i.e. VMware workstation pro 16 . Follow steps below to get a working […]

Deploy Rails App on AWS Server

This post is very quick guide about how to deploy ruby on rails application on AWS cloud running apache2 webserver. Deploying application means putting it on a Web server so that it can be used either through the Internet or an intranet. This Web server might be local UNIX system, while you develop and debug […]

How To Deploy Ruby App On AWS With Capistrano

This post will show you steps on how to deploy the ruby rails app on the AWS server running apache and phusionpassenger using Capistrano. As you know Capistrano is a widely used deployment automation tool for ruby applications. It uses ‘ssh’ to deploy from the development server or staging server to the production server. There […]

Hello World With Sinatra Web Framework

Sinatra is a lightweight web framework. Sinatra is similar to Ruby on Rails web frameworks. It’s pretty different from Rails as it’s much lighter (less overhead), and you have more fine-grained control over your web app. Additionally, there is no built-in database functionality or page rendering — all of that is done manually. So it […]

MVC architecture in Ruby On Rails Quick Guide

When we are beginner to Ruby on rails , or just getting started , we come across the term MVC . MVC stands for Model , View and Controller . But there are other components involved also . Following image shows how all the components of MVC relate to each other . Now lets have […]

Installing Redmine On Windows 10 With WSL2 Ubuntu

You might be already familiar with the ruby support on windows. Many of us prefer using Linux for ruby on rails development. But if you cannot access a separate Linux installation OR your machine is not capable of running a full Virtual Machine , then this might be the way you can consider for ruby […]

Redmine Development and Test Environments Setup

Today we are going to setup the development and test environments for redmine . Generally when we install redmine , we install it in production environment . Sometimes it become necessary to have development env for tasks like debugging OR for development logs . So if you want to setup development and test env also […]