Develop Your Own Redmine Plugin

So you want to develop your own redmine plugin then your search ends here. Internet does have all the information but few steps and methods are for old version of redmine and those steps may not work with redmine 4.0 or later version. This will be our opening post and more posts to be followed […]

Install Redmine on Disco Dingo Ubuntu 19.10 With Solved Build Errors

This step by step tutorial guides you through the detail process of installing Redmine 4.1.0 on Ubuntu 19.10. During installation there are few build errors related to nokogiri and mysql2, this post describes how to install redmine on Disco Dingo Ubuntu 19.10 with solved build errors. To get working Redmine 4.1.0 we need to follow […]

REDMINE 4.1 PLUGIN Development Steps

Here is information on redmine plugin development steps. I . Creating a new Plugin STEP 1: For creating plugin , we need to first set RAILS_ENV variable as follows: on window , just go to plugin directory i.e. C:\Bitnami\redmine-4.1.0-0\apps\redmine\htdocs\plugins , open CMD and enter following command set RAILS_ENV=production Note: In LINUX environment , command will […]