Linux Text and Code Editors You Must Know About in 2022 !

As a developer , working with some kind of text editor is part of our day to day workflow . No matter what technology or language you work with a fast , simple and feature rich text editor is always a plus to speed up the workflow . Here are my recommendations for light , […]

Run Mac OS on any Linux Machine ! Step by Step Guide .

In Developer world , we often need to switch between multiple OS . It doesn’t matter what may be the reason for switching , we need access to all major platforms like Linux , Mac and Windows . But for an obvious reason , we cannot afford to have machines equipped with mac, windows and […]

How to add an external CSS stylesheet to your ROR application

I assume that you already have your css and html.erb files. Hello folks, when you make your first app using ruby on rails then you want it to look good especially when you know how the magic of css works and then end up using html tags for css stylesheet. but it dont work at […]