Mongo DB Setup On Windows 11 and Getting started with Mongo DB

Mongo DB is one of the popular databases in the market right now . Versatile , fast , and easy to work with . If you want to get started with MEAN or MERN stack development , you will need a working mongo DB instance . Although we can use online solutions to learn the […]

How to Backup PostgreSQL Data From Files

This article is about how to make backup of a database from filesystem in PostgreSQL. Also provides details on how to make and restore the database from filesystem. If you have come across case where you are required to start ‘psql’ database from filesystem backup. There might be case that some of Ubuntu files crashed […]

Redmine Database Migration

Often times it happens that we need to migrate from one Redmine installation to another Redmine. Specially when upgrading to latest version. But we want to keep our database intact and want to migrate all the data to new setup. There are lot of guides on internet about redmine database migration, this blog post talks […]