In this post we will explain details steps on how to install redmine on windows operating system. We will also explain steps on how to install new plugin and test it. We are using redmine 4.1 and windows 10 for this exercise. As you know redmine is one of the popular web based project management tool, where all the trackers can be customized to meet your organization process flows.

This is our attempt to help online community to promote use of redmine for better project management and tracking.


STEP 1 : Download & Install Redmine On Windows

a) Visit to Bitnami redmine site and download the binary installer for windows 10,


Launch installer from “Downloads” folder and click “YES ” to give permission to installer.

Now follow following steps to configure the installation wizard.

1-Select language ENGLISH and click NEXT

2- select all the components i.e. MSYS2, PhpMyadmin, Git and Redmine and click next

3- keep default location for installation i.e. C:\Bitnami\redmie-4.1.0 and click NEXT to proceed

4-Now create a user account as administrator . Enter full name , email ID , username , and password and click NEXT to proceed. (Note: don’t forget the username or password as it is required to login the redmine after installation)

5-select language for data configuration as “ENGLISH”

6-uncheck the option “Do you want to configure mail support?” as we are not going to use it here

7- also uncheck “Launch redmine in the cloud with bitnami ” as we are going to setup redmine for a local machine

8- Now , everything is configured properly and ready to launch . Let’s click NEXT to start installation process.

(Note: installation is faster in initial phase , as it is copying the installer files and takes time at last for configuration . so please be patient and wait for the installer to finish.)


When installation is finished , click on launch redmine and Finish OR open browser window and type http://localhost/ to launch the redmine

Now click on ” Access Redmine ” to start using redmine

Now click on ‘sign in ‘ from top right corner of page to log in to redmine

Enter admin details which we entered in installation steps to log in

That’s it , we have successfully installed redmine on windows system using Bitnami Redmine 4.1 installer.


This section explains on how to install redmine on windows with adding plugins, we need to get the plugin files from git

1- Go to ” C:\Bitnami\redmine-4.1.0-0\apps\redmine\htdocs\plugins ” and click on address bar and type ” cmd ” to launch command prompt at that location .

2- Now enter git clone "plugin-name" to clone plugin files from git to that directory . i.e. enter git clone git:// to add pivot-table plugin

(Note : if it says git not found then install git separately by downloading binary installer for windows x64 from and try again . )

3- now we need to restart redmine or machine itself for added plugin to work .

4- let’s check added plugin . Go to localhost and login the redmine . Then click on “administration -> plugin “. Here the added plugin should be listed .

Happy management, do let us know if this article was useful for you.